Introduction: How I’m learning English

Hi everyone, if you was read a little bit about me, I think you knew I’m a Vietnamese and maybe you will relize that my English ability is not good.

My blog is the place for me share technical knowledge and improve my english writing skills. When I’m writing this post, my english ability still not good.

Therefor, in additional to technical knowledge, I was decided will share my learning English process in this category. So, if your English ability is not good too, consider follow me and see the result I’ll reach in next 3 months. I think this will quite interesting :)).

I’m writing this post at 3/22/2020 – 7:10 PM and now, I can’t talk with someone over 10 sentences with out using Google Translate. I will post 1 article in this category everyday. And in the first day of april, I’ll come back here and check my advancement. You can see what I have been learning in HERE. Hope you’ll feel relax with this :))