26/03/2020 – The First Day of Working Remotely

Oke, I tried learn each day – 1 topic. But have a problem, I can’t read what I don’t like. So, I deceive write about whole day. Like a diary.

Today is the first day I working remotely. I wake up at 7:00 AM and because I don’t need to come office. So, I have a little bit of time to read book. So, I read ” Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins “. It’s good for developer, you can improve development and delivery process.

At 8:30 AM, I start working at home. We were used Google Hangouts Meet to video call with my team for daily report. Main content is about what we did at yesterday and what we’ll do today.

My project is like shit, so I ain’t interested about that. Therefor, when turn off video call, I listened to music over 30 minutes befor start working.

I needed spend more time to notice new notifications in my computer. I support others on Google Hangouts Meet or TeamView. Communication was more difficult, but I felt ok.